Month: July 2015

July 2015 Study Plan

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It is day one of the month, hence the best time to plan my study hours. Here is the study plan for July. You can watch my progress as the days go by.

The Red days indicates days when I did not study at all. Let’s face it, we are all human and we have a tendency of being lazy 🙂. Yellow is for days when I did actually study but did not meet the planned number of hours. Finally,Green symbolizes the days when I actually studied the planned number of hours. Dark green (which is no where right now), will indicate the days when I did more than was expected of me.


Half way through 2015

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We are half way through the year but It feels like the year has just begun. The plans remain unaccomplished, the dreams get bigger by the day but reality is a sad little story :). When I think that am a tad wiser, I get slapped back and realize that am actually stupidier than I thought I was initially. But then again, there is still hope. We are only half way through the year. Giving up is definitely not an option. Head held high. Eyes on the price. It’s time for my mid-year revolution.