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CCIE version 3.0 Wireless Summary Notes 1 : IEEE 802.11 Primary MAC Layer Functions Part 2

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To connect, the client must go through the following:

Scanning for networks

Includes passive or active scanning mode (or both). Many vendors use both.

Passive scanning:

  • Client tunes to each channel, listens for a period of time, and monitors 802.11 beacon frames (AP transmits beacons by default every 100 milliseconds on a specific RF)
  • Client records the RSS of the frame and continues scanning other channels.
  • After scanning all RFs, the client decides which AP to join (usually highest RSS or more information eg SNR)

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June update

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Most may have noticed a huge gap from January and that the Mobility summary notes are incomplete yet I have jumped straight to listing some CCIE Wireless v3 notes. This does not mean that I have stopped my incomplete CCNP Wireless Journey. In January, I noticed that I was rather behind schedule and decided that jotting my notes on pen and paper would fasten my speed a little. Yes, am that archaic! So basically, I have my notes and all I need to do is transfer them here. You know what they say, it takes 3 or more times to clearly understand the concepts – read, write, blog :). Read the rest of this entry »