CWNA Summary Notes: Legacy 802.11 Security | Legacy Authentication

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Legacy Authentication

Legacy authentication methods were more of an authentication of capability (verification between two devices that they were valid 802.11 devices) and not so much an authentication of user identity.

They are of two types: Read the rest of this entry »


June update

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Most may have noticed a huge gap from January and that the Mobility summary notes are incomplete yet I have jumped straight to listing some CCIE Wireless v3 notes. This does not mean that I have stopped my incomplete CCNP Wireless Journey. In January, I noticed that I was rather behind schedule and decided that jotting my notes on pen and paper would fasten my speed a little. Yes, am that archaic! So basically, I have my notes and all I need to do is transfer them here. You know what they say, it takes 3 or more times to clearly understand the concepts – read, write, blog :). Read the rest of this entry »