CWNA Summary Notes: Legacy 802.11 Security | Legacy Authentication

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Legacy Authentication

Legacy authentication methods were more of an authentication of capability (verification between two devices that they were valid 802.11 devices) and not so much an authentication of user identity.

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CWNA Summary Notes: 802.11 Network Security Architecture

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Components of a Secure Network

Required components when securing a network are:

Data Privacy and Integrity

Access to Wireless medium is unrestricted hence the use of cipher encryption technologies is neededĀ for proper data privacy.

A cipher is an algorithm that is used to perform encryption:

  • RC4 algorithm ( Ron’s Code / Rivest Cipher)
    • It encrypts data in a continuous stream (streaming cipher)
    • Used in technologies used to protect Internet traffic eg SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
    • Incorporated into 2 legacy encryption methods: WEP and TKIP
  • Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm (AES) / Rijndael Algorithm
    • Encrypts data in fixed blocks
    • Much stronger than RC4
    • Uses Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol (CCMP) encryption method
    • Encryption key strength options are 128, 192 or 256 bits.

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